us looking beautiful in sweden
looking beautiful in sweden

I know youre absolutely loving it in Wales, but we miss you here in Finland and I'm sure you miss it just a tiny bit! It's definitely weird at college now without your constant enthusiasm, kick ass political views and metre long hair. I don't know how I'll survive this winter without your fin guidance but who knows maybe we'll switch nationalities. Anyway to remind you of what youre missing and whats missing you, I thought I'd send you some happy memories of us. I think what we can learn from this is that I should not be allowed to edit photos....at all.

yes, the sea in Finland really is that colour...

I'm sure youre going to have a really good day and celebrate properly, so enjoy it and I cant wait to see you!!!!

love ya and miss ya rapunzel, rosie x                        

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  1. Rosieeeeeee <3 thank you dear for your nice words and absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous pictures! I do miss Finland and you guys and everything, but to be honest, yes, Britain has been wonderful. I'll see you in December, and we're gonna have another super duper awesome crazy sleepover! <3